About Me

Hey there! My name is Adelina, but amongst my friends, I am often called one of the many nicknames I have. Just to give you a sense of what I mean by many, my nicknames include Adel, Adol, Addition, Adelania, Addy, Adellybean—the list goes on.

My interests range from Computer Science to Business to Dance, and recently, I’ve found a growing interest in Physics.

As most of my friends know, I enjoy reading non-fiction books. And more specifically, textbooks. Currently, I am reading College Physics. As mind-boggling and overwhelming as it is, I will admit it is interesting. Textbooks aside, other non-fiction books that I have found to be very informative and interesting include How to Win Friends and Influence People and The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Now to the fiction gems. Whenever I read a fiction novel, I tend to think through all the possible plot twists and endings, so it is rare that I come across one where the plot and ending is unpredictable. Finding a book that has passed my “predictability test” is very exciting. A few of those rare books include Ender’s Game and To Kill a Mockingbird. For now, that’s about it for my book recommendations.

When I am not busy doing work (or reading textbooks), I often find myself on Youtube going down rabbit holes, some that are definetely more educational than others. One time, despite not even have taken a calculus class, I was dragged into a calculus hole thanks to 3Blue1Brown’s Calculus series. Another time, it was a quantum computing hole after becoming completely puzzled by Tanay’s lecture on phase kickback. Lastly, probably one of the more notable instances would be that particle physics hole I dove into after watching The Elegant Universe.

At this point, you’re probably thinking, “Bruh, get a life”, but trust me, I do have a life—or atleast one that fits my definition of a life.

Remember how I said some rabbit holes I go down are definitely more educational than others? Well, I’ll let you decide this for yourself. The K-pop and C-pop hole is one of the strongest holes I can be sucked down. The only stronger hole is probably a blackhole. When I am not in a specific Youtube hole, I enjoy watching baking/cooking and dance videos.

If you didn’t get the hint already, I listen to lots and lots of K-pop and C-pop. My favorite singer is Eric Chou. His songs are amazing. For starters, I recommend you listen to 小时候的我们, 怎么了你好不好, 爱我的时候, and Rollercoasters. As for K-pop, I enjoy listening to Twice, Itzy, BTS, Red Velvet, IU, and Taeyeon. If you ever need a song recommendation, do not hesistate to reach out!

Unfortunately, I do not have any movie recommendations, since I am not the biggest fan of movies. However, I do watch C-drama. A few that I enjoyed watching include《爱情进化论》,《你是我的城池营垒》, and 《冰糖炖雪梨》.

With that, I hope you enjoy reading my other blogs!